Tired Of Algae Growth In Your Swimming Pools

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The swimming pools in the olden days were made of tiled surface and concrete. Regardless of care and protection, they are prone to exposure from sunlight that can damage the color. They are prone to developing algae growth on the wet surfaces. They start to leak and develop cracks that can be really hard to recap. The algae are just one of the many problems that used to be very common in the early days. There are portable pools that can be installed in a matter of hours. Many are induced with features like spa and light effects. They can even have a sitting area. Also, a swimming pool is supposed to be a place to rewind and relax. So, having the ability to control the temperature of the water is always an added bonus.

What to do about it?

To get rid of such problems, including avoiding algae and moss on the wet surfaces there are several solutions. First, the use of chemicals, there are chemicals that are often used in fish ponds and pools to eliminate and retard the growth of green algae. If this went on for many days, then the treatment can also require days to show its effect. Though, going the hard way, that is, regular pool maintenance with right pool equipment and accessories can always prevent it. One of the chemicals is chlorine to mop the floor. Take note of the kind of brushes you use. For example, steel can be used for concrete, but vinyl must use nylons. This is also one of the reasons why many do not prefer the chlorinated water pools.

Another way to handle this is maintaining the pH level of your water. This is a common method where pH testing kits are used by staff to check the level of acidity in the water. When there is a rise, it is indicative of algae bloom. This is the time to clean it or use some chemical to reduce the acidity.

Any permanent ways

Some of the ways also relate to using a different choice of pools altogether. But, this covers the preventive measures. There are new ways and state of the art swimming pool manufacturing techniques in the market. One of them is using fiberglass. Using the swimming pool installation made of this material has a lot of benefits. Obviously including avoiding all the above to a life expectancy of up to 25 years. The fiberglass is a wonderful material that holds the color without being affected from exposure to sunlight and avoids algae growth from the start, among many other advantages.