Things To Know About Plastering

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Plastering is basically done on concrete walls for improving the outer look of the house. Exposed brick on the outer wall does not look good. The structure of the building looks incomplete and the whole thing is not visually appealing. These exposed bricks can make a house look old and not maintained. Plastering makes the look complete by covering the exposed brick. Sometimes, plastering can work as a waterproofing material. The house gets a more finished and newer look. Thus, plastering is becoming quite popular as it helps to regain the beauty of a building.

The process of plastering:
Plastering must be done by a person or more than one who are trained for the job. People having proper cement rendering Melbourne skills should be hired for the job. The ingredients of plastering are sand, cement and lime. The mixture of this thing is used with the help of brush, sponge or towel. This depends on the kind of surface the mixture is being applied. The layer takes time to get set and dry properly. For this process the drying duration of 24 hours to 14 days are needed. Traditional plastering Melbourne takes more time than acrylic plastering.

Types of render:
Though sand, lime and cement is taken to be the primary ingredients for plastering but there are other variations also, like lime plastering, cement plastering, polymer modified render and acrylic render.

Acrylic renders:
Acrylic renders are popular because it takes less time for drying. It is also crack resistant. For these qualities acrylic render is more costly than any other kind of renders and also gaining popularity. Acrylic renders also gives superior finish to the walls.

Polymer modified renders:
This king of render is also crack resistant. It adheres to the surface better.

Cement render:
This is the most common kind of render. It is made up of cement, lime and sand. Though it is the basic render, it is prone to cracks.

Lime render:
This render is basically made of lime and has good flexibility. This is best for traditional old buildings.

The cost of plastering:
The cost of plastering depends on the size of the structure. The price of different plastering material varies. Now the total cost will depend on how large the structure is what material is being used and what kind of service is being opt for.

It is better to choose licensed and skilled renderers for the job.plastering-services