Getting Ready For Summer: 2 Of The Best Cocktail Mixes

When the birds are chirping and you are pretty sure your face melted off when you walked into the garden, then summer has arrived. The days for late night barbecue parties and sipping away at cold drinks in the evening warm breeze is the best time. But to entertain guests you need a good recipe collection and a good set of drink cups. In order to start quenching the party goers, here are some recipes to get the party started with.

The wonder of watermelon

Renowned for its ability to cure parched throats and cool of burning skin, watermelon is the favorite fruit of summer. And what is the best way to incorporate it into the gorgeous evening instead of eating it? By making a drink out it. Usually various watermelon based alcoholic concoctions are featured across the drinks menus of Hong Kong best night clubs and bars throughout the year. But this recipe is for the summer party hosts. For this tequila you will need water, granulated sugar (or honey), seedless watermelon pieces, fresh lime juice, blueberries, fresh mint leaves and some sprigs and silver tequila. Crushed ice is recommended as well. make sure to prepare these ingredients by the consistency you want the drink and the number of people you are serving.

To make the drink, simmer water and sugar until sugar has dissolved and then leave it to cool. Blend together watermelon until it has formed a liquid paste and strain the juice out of this. Then take the pitcher you will serve the drink in and combine the sugar syrup, lime juice, blueberries and mint leaves (not the sprigs). Push and shove the blueberries until they are squashed a it and add the watermelon juice and tequila. Then refrigerate until served (usually two hours are needed). When serving add the tequila into crushed ice and put some mint sprigs on top.

The silver monk

Although the name of the drink will leave much to imagination, it is a favorite of those who goes to Hong Kong best night clubs. The ingredient list for this awesome drink goes as; cucumber slices (and a spear for garnishing), mint leaves, salt, simple syrup, blanco tequila, lime juice, and yellow Chartreuse. Crushed ice is recommended for serving. Take your cocktail shaker, or an enclosed mug that you can use, and then put in the cucumber slices, mint leaves, simple syrup and salt and mix them all together. Then add ice, tequila, Chartreuse and lime juice and keep on shaking. Take a piece of old cloth and strain this mixture into a coupe and then use the cucumber spear and some mint leaves as garnishing.

There are multiple items you can use for garnishing, and although not needed it is something to make the drink look professional. Crushed ice, mint leaves, sugar and salt are some you can use.